We are spirit, mind, emotion and physical body.  When all of these are in balance we are as we are meant to be - in perfect harmony and wellness. Living in a toxic world under the stresses of modern times, this fragile balance is disrupted. Where our energy flows are blocked, we are more likely to manifest illness in our physical being, such as aches and pains, sickness, or chronic disease. The body tries to warn us long before chronic disease sets in, but we are told to mask the aches and soldier on, never addressing the true source of our pain. And so it festers inside, builds up, and erupts later as something bigger and harder for us to ignore. All we need to do is to put our lives back into balance and we will heal ourselves. We need to look deep within, find the places where our energy is blocked and remove the cause.  When our energy is flowing freely our body is healing itself. In any healing, all aspects of self need to be put back into balance. Without self-healing, no medicine will work, the condition will return, or another will surface. 


MIND:  Think positive thoughts and affirmations.  Don’t let reason stand in the way of creative self-expression. Free the mind to develop its multi-dimensional nature and intuitive powers. Gather information on illness and make informed decisions on care.


EMOTIONS:  Examine the areas in the past where emotions have not been expressed and release them. Focus on the Chakras to help see areas of emotional blockage and open them. Forgive others and yourself. Love others and yourself. Let go of your attachment to your condition. 


SPIRIT:  Through prayer, meditation or visualization, reconnect with the Source of all healing. Open up to the Life Force, the energy that flows through each of us, and throughout the universe. Honor your spiritual self and the sacredness of all beings.


BODY:  Set up a healing condition within the body through breath, diet, supplements, exercise and the elimination of toxins. Choose some sort of energy healing (Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki, polarity, cranio-sacral therapy, therapeutic touch, etc). There are many natural therapies that can assist the body and alleviate symptoms. Choose from: acupuncture, acupressure, bodywork, colonics, dream therapy, homeopathy, etc.